June Board Minutes



June 12, 2016


Moderator, Linda Mauser, gave time to review Board Meeting minutes from May 15, 2016.

Motion to approve March minutes by Skip Looney

Second the Motion by Sharon Kintner

All Approved.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Barb Black – Handout available

Report shows:

  • In/Out Account Summary Report date June 12, 2016

Current as of 6/12/16 totals:  IN/OUT Account $16,775.62

 Financial Report: Pam Manker – Handout Available

  • Total amount received in the general account for May is $12,526.10
  • Total amount received in the In/Out account is $2,453.00
  • Capital Campaign: Stained Glass Windows: $50.00

Education Division Report – Christopher Manker and Debbie Peterson – Handout Available

  1. VBS Task Force: July 24th – July 27th. Theme: Cave Quest.  If interested in volunteering or making donations, contact Debbie Peterson, Christopher Manker, Fay Blevins, Sharon Kintner, Rachel Kintner, or Shari Caldarelli.
  2. New Adult Sunday School Class. Preliminary planning meetings are now help Sunday mornings during Sunday School hour. Regular weekly meeting will begin in June with official start of class in August.
  3. Youth Group Update. Several MACC youth signed up for summer camp.
  4. Video/Multimedia Task Force. Christopher Manker will meet with people with knowledge of video production during the summer.

Membership – Jonnean Looney and Shari Caldarelli

  • Thanks to Carole Bird for suggestion to recognize and honor our 90+ year old members.
  • The Committee is early stages of planning. More information to come as available.
  • Upcoming Event: Pilgrimage to Cane Ridge, October 9th.  More information to come.

Church Growth and Mission Division:  Jan Chapman and Mary Lee Smith

  • Board approved new banners. Working with Kathy Groob and Tom Meyer, ABC Signs on getting them made.
  • Unbinding the Gospel. Study concluded, continuing to pray for visitor (by name) and VBS = brainstorming for plans to continue study related to church growth in the fall.
  • Upcoming Church Growth breakfast/lunch – brainstorming to continue promoting MACC.
  • June 8 Forum on Human Trafficking. Excellent presentation by Lisa Ramstetter with Catholic Charities. 35-30 attended from both community and MACC.

 Property Report – Donn Manker and Eric Pouncy Sr. – Handout Available

  1. Garden areas – mulching done and weeding under way.
  2. Looking to replace bushes that were burned by electrical fire.
  3. Windows Campaign fund has nearly enough money to proceed with backlighting, hopefully during summer.
  4. We need to have a church cleanup day.
  5. Always need help in the garden areas during the summer. See Donn Manker to volunteer.

New Business:
 Personnel & Finance – Skip Looney and Dare Miller (Simon excused from meeting)

Personnel & Finance chair Skip Looney noted that for the last several years we have given Simon a lump sum gift to supplement his salary.  He moved that we give a gift again this year, increasing the amount from $3,500 last year amount) to $4,000.  Also, to give Fay Blevins a lump sum gift to supplement her salary in the amount of $1,000.

Motion to propose a lump sum gift to Simon of $4,000 and a lump sum gift to Fay Blevins for $1,000 by Skip Looney

Second the Motion by Debbie Peterson

All Approved. Motion passed.

Announcement:  There will be no July, 2016 Board Meeting

Closing Prayer by Gary Hart

22 In Attendance:

Rev. Simon Wilma Hart Barb Black
Linda Mauser  Sarah Kintner Bill Black
Karen Bruin  Ed Osborne
Amy Pouncy Sue Osborne
Eric Pouncy Phyllis Lay
Debbie Peterson Jan Chapman
Sharon Kintner Jonnean Looney
Rachel Kintner Skip Looney
Carole Bird  Liz McDougall
Gary Hart Bob McDougall


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